Primary Flow Element


Primary Flow Element

An orifice plate is a thin plate with a hole in it, which is usually placed in a pipe. When a fluid (whether liquid or gaseous) passes through the orifice, its pressure builds up slightly upstream of the orifice but as the fluid is forced to converge to pass through the hole, the velocity increases and the fluid pressure decreases. A little downstream of the orifice the flow reaches its point of maximum convergence, the vena contracta (see drawing to the right) where the velocity reaches its maximum and the pressure reaches its minimum. Beyond that, the flow expands, the velocity falls and the pressure increases. By measuring the difference in fluid pressure across tappings upstream and downstream of the plate, the flow rate can be obtained from Bernoulli's equation using coefficients established from extensive research.

Orifice Plate with or without Assembly

All Sizes, 15 mm NB and above for all temperature and pressure conditions
Material : SS-304, SS-316. MONEL, Brass, Hestalloy-C, Titanium, Tantalum etc.
Flanges suitable for all conditions
Material : C. S., SS-316, SS-304, Alloy Steel, Brass etc.
Designing as per ISO 5167, ASME-PTC 19.5, AGA-3, IS-2952

Integral Orifice Plate

15 mm NB Size to 40 mm NB Size
Material : SS-316, SS-304, Carbon Steel
Designing as per ISO 5167, ASME (F. W. Miller/Foxboro)

Flow Nozzles

All sizes, 25 mm NB and above for all temperature and pressure conditions
Material : SS-304, SS-316, Alloy Steel
Designing as per ISO-5167, ASME-PTC 19.5
AGA-3, IS-2952

Intake Cones

All sizes for Inlet Fans
Material : CS / SS Fabricated or others
Designing as per BS-726 ISO 5167

Venturi Tube

50 mm NB and above upto 4000mm NB
Material : Fabricated - SS, CS & CI
Designing as per ISO-5167

Pitot Tubes

Sizes 100 mm NB and above line
Material : SS-304 or SS-316
Designing as per BS / IS

Self Averaging Pitot Bar (Anubar Type)

Type - Fixed / Retracting
Sizes - 50 mm NB and above
Material : SS-304, SS-316, Inconel, etc.
Designing generally as per ESPL Standard

Break Down (Restriction) / Critical Flow Orifice Plate

All sizes - 25 mm NB and above
Design Standard - ASME (F. W. Miller / Foxboro)
Multistage restriction 

Wedge Flow Element

For Viscous & Slurry Service
Sizes - 25 mm NB and above

Differential Pressure Gauge

Scale 0 - 100% (Square Law)
D. P. 200 mm WC to 10,000 mm WC with 3 Valve Manifold