1)       Primary Flow Element

            i) Orifice Plate with or without Assemblies 


All Sizes, 25 mm NB and above for all temperature
and pressure conditions
Material : SS-304, SS-316. MONEL, Brass, Hestalloy-C,
Titanium, Tantalum etc.
                       Flanges suitable for all conditions
Material : C. S., SS-316, SS-304, Alloy Steel, Brass etc.
                       Designing as per ISO 5167, BS-1042, ASME-PTC 19.5,
AGA-3, BS-EN-ISO-5167, IS-2952



ii) Integral Orifice Plate

15 mm NB Size to 40 mm NB Size

Material : SS-316, SS-304, Carbon Steel

Designing as per ASME (F. W. Miller/Foxboro)

iii) Flow Nozzles

All sizes, 25 mm NB and above for all temperature
            and pressure conditions
 Material : SS-304, SS-316, Alloy Steel
            Designing as per BS-1042, ASME-PTC 19.5,
            AGA-3, BS-EN-ISO-5167, IS-2952

iv) Intake Cones

All sizes for Inlet Fans

Material : CS Fabricated or other

Designing as per BS-726

v) Venturi Tube

50 mm NB and above sizes

Material : Fabricated SS, CS & CI

Designing as per BS-1042, BS-EN-ISO5167

vi) Pitot Tubes

Sizes 100 mm NB and above line

Material : SS-304 or SS-316

Designing as per BS-1042


vii) Self Averaging Pitot Bar (Annubar Type)

Type Fixed / Retracting

Sizes 50 mm NB and above

Material : SS-304 & SS-316

Designing generally as per Deitrich Standard

viii) Break Down (Restriction) / Critical Flow Orifice Plate

All sizes 25 mm NB and above

Design Standard ASME (F. W. Miller / Foxboro)

ix) Wedge Flow Element

For Viscous & Slurry Service

Sizes 25 mm NB to 300 mm NB

x) Differential Pressure Gauge

Scale 0 - 100% (Square Law)

D. P. 200 mm WC to 10,000 mm WC with 3 Valve Manifold